Lake George RV Park: Dining, Shopping & Attractions In Lake George NY
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A dinner table set right on the Lake. There are 3 water classes and 3 champagne glasses. The napkins are folded in a fan fashion and there is a reserved sign on the table leaning up against a candle vase. Everything from the table clothes to the linens are drapped in white, the lake is in the background.
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An overview of Lake George and the mountains. There are islands scattered throughout the lake.

Make your stay at our spacious lodging in Lake George both educational and fun! While on your hike, educate your children and even yourself about the animals and plants that reside in this beautiful area.

Teach your children not only about the great outdoors, but also about life skills such as, leadership, sharing and cooperation. Introduce your young ones to the wonders of nature and the beauty of the untouched Adirondack landscape, starting right here at our inviting Lake George vacation rentals! Follow these simple steps for an invigorating hike, for both you and your children.

What to Bring:

  • Your child’s favorite foods for snacking. Make sure to bring foods loaded with nutrients and low in fats.
  • First Aid Kit – You never know when your little one is going to take a fall. Be prepared with insect repellent, sting care, and all the basic essentials for those cuts and scrapes.
  • Sunglasses! For those hot sunny days, don’t forget protection for your eyes. Bring hats for the children and yourself – the days are long and you need to make sure you can see your children at all times.
  • Sunscreen – This is a “must have” packing item. Even on cloudy days, you are susceptible to the sun’s UV rays. It may be deceiving, but those hazy clouds give the worst burns. Protect your skin from the daily elements and wear sunscreen with SPF of at least 15. This is especially important when boating on Lake George. You may be out on the water for hours and not even realize the damage that you are causing to your skin! Protect yourself and apply sunscreen.
  • Change of clothes – Weather is one thing you cannot control. When you are on a hiking trail, the last thing you want to be is too hot or too cold. Check the weather when you leave your house and bring extra clothing for yourself and your kids. For those potential rainy days, make sure you have a rain jacket on hand for your little ones, as well as for yourself.
  • Flashlights – The optimal time for you to hike, especially with children, is during the day. But if you happen to be outside and it starts to get dark, always be prepared with flashlights for everyone.


  • Listening skills is another thing that will be tested while on your Adirondack hike. Make sure you keep your child’s attention at all times and do not lose sight of them.
  • Teach your children to stay where they are if they do get lost. Equip your children with whistles in case they stray from the group. Or, bring along “walkie-talkies” for your adventure hike.
  • Even though it might be fun to go off the path, make sure your children know that it’s important to stay seen no matter what. Teach your children to look at new things with their eyes, not their hands. Foreign plants, trees and animals may be beautiful to look at, but deadly to interact with. Also, teach them the importance of trail markers. Typically, trails are color coordinated.
  • Make sure to stop frequently for breaks so that your children do not get too tired. Children tend to get colder quicker than adults, therefore make sure that they are dressed in layers.

Most importantly, have fun on your Adirondack hike starting from your private vacation rental. Hiking is an event that everyone can enjoy, and is something that can be educational as well. Take your children out and let their imaginations run wild! Enjoy telling family stories as you trek the mountainside terrain overlooking your luxurious lodging in Lake George.

Check out these trails for some great family fun while staying at our Lake George vacation rentals.

French Mountain

Enjoy this moderate hike to the summit of historic French Mountain, 2.5 miles, 1.5 hours.

Our spacious vacation rentals boasts hiking trails on French Mountain (the southern most peak in the Adirondacks) and is easily accessible by foot from your lodging unit. Depart the property over the covered bridge. Continue North over Route 149, and use the green footbridge over the road for an easy crossing for young children. Walk on the paved Warren County Bike Trail for approximately 1 mile until you see signs for the Colonel Williams Monument, which will be on your left. While here, learn about the French and Indian War that was fought on these very grounds. Just beyond the monument, look for the bright blue markings on the stones and trees just off the right shoulder of the bike trail. Follow the blue trail markings to the summit of French Mountain. Upon arriving here, enjoy the breathtaking views of Lake George and the Adirondack Mountains.

Jabe Pond

An easy to moderate hike, with slow inclines and deeply wooded terrain. 1 mile, ½ hour.

Take Split Rock Road to enjoy this beautiful nature hike. Jabe Pond Trail heads briefly downhill, and then you are redirected up to a lovely scrub forest. Feast your eyes upon the pad leaf orchids that line the road in the summer, or enjoy the variety of wildflowers in the Spring. Fall is always magical as the leaves begin to change and the glow of the warm colors blanket the Adirondack Mountains. Halfway through the walk, the incline increases, but then gradually levels out. You will see a forest of beautiful hemlock tress. Allow the peaceful hemlocks to lead you and your family to Jabe Pond.

Parking: Travel 1/8 of a mile up Split Rock Road and you will find a parking area at the intersection.

Deer Leap

Enjoy this moderate hike up rocky terrain. 1.6 miles, 1 hour.

This Adirondack hiking trail follows an old horse trail that is centuries old. Enjoy this 1 mile, 300 foot climb up rocky terrain. As you reach the top of the climb, peer down to see tall hardwood forests of the slopes mingle with the scrubbier oaks and pines that line the land. Catch your breath as you continue across the ridgeline and enjoy this gradual descent into the forest.

Parking: If you take 9N South through Silver Bay, NY to the top of Tongue Mountain, parking will be on your right. Overflow spaces are available as well.

Trails near Jabe Pond and Deer Leap are located in the Hague-Ticonderoga area of Northern Lake George.

For additional information on hiking, please visit:

  • Adirondack Mountain Club
  • Adirondack 46er
  • Saranac Lake – Adirondack Hiking
  • Appalachian Trail Conservancy
  • Appalachian Mountain Club

Whether you simply enjoy staying at our unique Lake George vacation rentals, or feel the urge to embark on an outdoor adventure, we have the activities and amenities that are uniquely different from a Lake George hotel. From spacious living rooms to outside patios with gas grills and a fully stocked kitchen – we guarantee that your stay will be unforgettable. The Bonus? You ‘Go Green’ at our vacation rentals in Lake George!

Don’t forget to plan your next hiking trip in the Lake George region. Begin your next adventure at our five star vacation rentals and look forward to spending time in nature with your family!

For other ideas, check out our Family Fun Section – Find out where you can horseback ride in Lake George, discover enticing museums, exciting live entertainment and so much more! There is always something fun to do at the Wilderness Lodging vacation rentals and Lake George RV Park.

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A young girl and gentleman walking down the street both smiling and holding shopping bags. To the right is a rod iron fence with shrubs and a brick wall behind them.
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East end arcade on the 2nd floor of our east building. There are 4 young children playing billards. In the background are other arcade games and children playing them.
Rainy Day Activities

No matter how well you plan, it seems that no vacation would be complete without at least one rainy day!

Not to worry – there is always something fun to do at our unique lodging in Lake George!  In addition to offering the best vacation rentals in Lake George, the extensive offering of on-site amenities provide more than enough fun to keep the family busy!  Located near great horseback riding stables, hiking trails, and bike paths – Enjoy excellent amenities at our lodging in Lake George.

Video arcades and 10 pool tables provide a welcome distraction for kids and adults alike.  Take advantage of the inclement weather and visit the adult fitness center, or watch a movie at one of our two indoor movie theatres.  For one of summers’ all-time favorite rainy-day activities, there is a huge 5000 sq. ft. screened Bingo Pavilion! Our well-known French Mountain Playhouse is home to some of the area’s best professional live entertainment venues, with performances the whole family can enjoy free of charge!

Lake George is overflowing with all types of activities, events, and excitement even on the soggiest of vacation days!  The Village of Lake George has many arcades to choose from, accommodating all ages, and the House of Frankenstein Wax Museum is a great choice for indoor fun! Bowling is also available and always a hit with kids of all ages. The Great Escape and Splashwater Kingdom is filled with endless opportunities for fun, even when the weather is a bit shy of perfect!

Shopping is one of the best components of a good rainy-day activity plan.  Hop aboard our own Lake George RV Park Trolley for a ride to the Outlet Center, with over 100 stores and restaurants for you to browse.  From there you can catch the Municipal Trolley to the village of Lake George, or ride into Glens Falls and visit the Aviation Mall or the Hyde Museum. Take in a movie, or a live production at the Charles R. Wood Theater in downtown Glens Falls.  The Adirondack Sports Complex (the “Dome”) offers an indoor driving range for golf and batting cages as well. Visit one of the area’s many museums (link to museum pg.).   Give your kids a treat at the The Fun Spot in Queensbury, where they can play Laser Tag, do some roller skating, or jump on a Go-Kart for an exciting fast-track experience!

So…what are your chances of a rainy vacation day?  No one knows for sure, but you can check to see what our seasonal weather averages are at ourLake George Weather Center!

No matter what the weather, our lodging in Lake George will provide you with a memorable holiday retreat amid exceptionally comfortable surroundings.  With our luxurious vacation rental accommodations and extensive amenities, your idea of Wilderness lodging in Lake George will never be the same again.
Discover for yourself why generations of families return to our luxurious,Vacation Destination Resort year after year!

Call us today at (518) 792-3775 to check rates and availability, make a reservation, or request more information!

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A teenage boy riding his bike on our paved bike trails. There are white flowers in the foreground and not a cloud in the sky with the sun shining brightly.
Adirondack Bike Trails

With over 3 miles of paved bike trails leading to exciting attractions in Lake George and Glens Falls, biking in the Adirondacks has never been better! Peddle fast or enjoy a leisurely ride – whichever speed you choose, we guarantee you will enjoy your ride. Our lodging in Lake George offers bike trails that beckon all riders, from the experienced to the novice. Enjoy this great outdoor activity with your family and friends. Along with biking, hiking and fishing are other favorite pastimes for families staying at our lodging rentals. With so much to choose from, your days will be nothing but fun!

Perfect for families with young children, the paved bike trails within our private lodging in Lake George invigorates even the youngest bike rider. Make your stay at our vacation rentals in Lake George extra special by venturing out on our paved bike paths throughout the park.

Children adore exploring the world on their bikes, for it is a time when imagination runs wild! Regardless of whether your child has a supped up bike or an old hand-me-down banana seat bike with training wheels attached, the importance of safety is always first priority. It is very important that your young adventurer follow these safety rules while riding on the paved bike trails at our Wilderness Lodging in Lake George:

  • The Buddy System – Even though the park is securely enclosed, it is a good idea to make sure children have a buddy to accompany them on their bike ride. Not only is biking in a group double the fun than riding alone, but it ensures added safety while on the paved bike trails. Make sure you educate your children about the Park’s boundaries, possibly accompanying your older children first before they go on the trails with their friends. The Buddy System applies to all activities – whether you are swimming in the pool, hiking up French Mountain or enjoying a wonderful horseback ride. Bike riding in the Adirondacks will instill wonderful memories that you will cherish with your children for years to come.
  • Wear a Helmet – This is essential when bike riding in New York State. Whether you are riding on the paths within our Wilderness Lodging in Lake George, or other Adirondack bike trails, it is important to remember this necessity. Equip your children with bike helmets and other riding apparel and enjoy your ride through the Park.
  • Bring the Necessary Equipment – Before you venture out on the bike trails, make sure to check the local weather forecast – you don’t want to get stuck out in the woods when a rain shower or thunderstorm is on its way. Be prepared with extra clothing; rain coats, sweatshirts, and sunglasses. Also, don’t forget to bring along an extra First-Aid kit, map, compass and sun block for those sunny days. Bumps, scrapes and bruises happen frequently with the little ones, therefore it’s better to be prepared for every situation. For those hot summer days, you may find shade under a tall pine tree, but you cannot escape humidity. Bring along a water bottle or thermos to share with your group.
  • Respect the Hikers – Along with bike riding, family hiking in the Adirondacks is another favorite pastime shared by adventurers and tourists alike. While on your bike ride, make sure to pay attention to your surroundings. Not only will staying alert help in avoiding getting lost, it will also make you aware of other patrons that may cross your path. Since the paved trails are used by so many of our guests (hikers, walkers, and joggers), make sure to be respectful to all of our guests.  Teach your children that abiding by the rules with not only keep them safe, but guarantee a fun-filled, action packed bike riding experience.

Information on Biking in the Adirondacks

Popular Adirondack Bike Trails

Although we would love for you to enjoy the paved bike trails within our Lake George vacation rental property, if you decide you’d like to venture out of the park, here are some additional trails that are both popular among biking enthusiasts and ideal for families.

Santanoni Preserve: Camp Santanoni Trails – Newcomb, NY

This scenic, 8-10 foot wide, well-maintained dirt road is ideal for a family biking adventure. Discover clear views of the High Peaks as well as educate your children about the history of the Adirondacks.

Intensity: Easy
Elevation: 340 Ft. Flat and gently rolling hills.
Directions: Exit 29 from the Adirondack Northway (I-87). Travel west on Blue Ridge Road, which joins Rt.28N west to Newcomb (around 25 miles). At 0.3 miles west of Newcomb Town Hall turn north at the Santononi Preserve sign, make immediate left and continue 0.4 miles to the headquarters and parking. From Long Lake travel east on Rt.28N for around 13.5 miles to the Preserve entrance

Moose River Recreation Area Trails – Inlet, NY

Enjoy this beautiful 40 mile stretch of rugged dirt roads and 27 miles of single track and double marked trails. Teach your children the importance of marked trails along paths – whether you plan on hiking or biking in the Adirondacks, it is imperative to follow the marked trails and stay with the group.

Intensity: Easy to moderate
Elevation: Gently rolling hills, steeper grades possible depending on which trail you take
Directions: exit 31 off of I-90 onto Route 12/28N. Go North for about 25 miles and make a right onto Route 28. Travel about 39 miles (past Old Forge) to Inlet.
Eastern gate access to Moose River: Go just past Inlet, you will see the signs to Limekiln Road – access is 2 miles from Route 28.
Western gate access to Moose River: Take Cedar River Flow Road, off of Route 28. You will see a ranger station 12 miles in.

Enjoy a bike ride on the paved trails within our Wilderness Lodging in Lake George with your family and friends. Explore the great outdoors while biking in the Adirondacks!

Call us today at (518) 792-3775 to check rates and availability, make a reservation, or request more information!

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The Great Escape Theme Park's Comet roller coaster. The Coaster is currently climbing an incline. This roller coaster is a wooden roller coaster.
AttractionsNearby family fun, excitement and exploration No shortage of things to do near our Lake George RV Resort! Browse our list of nearby attractions the whole family can enjoy...Continue Reading →
An overview of downtown Glens Falls, NY. There is a traffic circle in the middle with a park in the foreground. There are numerous buildings and the mountains are in the background.
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An upclose picture of a girl and a dark brown horse. The girl to the right has her had on the horse's nose. In the background is another lighter brown horse.
Horseback Riding

Our outstanding Lake George lodging provides the very best in accommodations and amenities for your vacation.  Rentals in Lake George Wilderness Lodging are a great alternative to the standard fare!

What vacation would be complete without a horseback ride? For many of us, trail riding when we were younger was a special treat, and became something to be remembered forever.  Now your Lake George vacation can include a  scenic horseback ride through the forested hills and mountains that surround the Queen of American  Lakes.

There are trails and rides for all levels of participation.  Even if you’ve never been on horseback before, your trained guides are committed to your safety and enjoyment. They will make sure that the ride you are taking and the horse you are riding are appropriate to your level of ability and comfort.

One of the most rewarding parts of a trail riding on horseback is realizing how experienced and agile the animals are.  As you make your way through the lush wooded Adirondack trails and over stream beds, the rhythm of horse and rider is relaxing, comforting and reassuring. Horses are instinctual animals, and are keenly attuned to your mood and emotions.  They are trained to respond to the needs of the rider and will do their best to make sure your ride is easyfun, and memorable.  You will experience the woods and the beauty of nature in a way that is totally unique. This is a particularly memorable experience for the little ones.  Children love the horses, and the feeling is mutual! Sharing the beauty of nature with them on horseback will provide them with cherished memories for many years to come.

Most trail rides last approximately one hour, giving you plenty of time to bond with your horse, enjoy some fresh air and get some exercise. Just a note: Horseback riding requires a surprising amount of exercise – you will probably become acquainted with muscles you didn’t know you had!

Just a short drive from your private vacation rentals in Lake George are several stables that provide hourly – or longer- rentals for trail rides. If you have a very large party or would like to take a lengthy ride, it might be a good idea to call ahead!

Take time to explore the incredible Lake George views and the Adirondack Mountains on horseback.  It is truly an experience of a lifetime and a pleasurable activity that will become a long-remembered Lake George vacation favorite!

Other fun activities for either rain or shine:

  • Paved bike trials
  • Adirondack hiking
  • Visit a Museum
  • Enjoy live entertainment

Discover for yourself why generations of families return to our luxurious,Vacation Destination Resort year after year! Experience what hotels in Lake George cannot provide – a comfortable, private Wilderness Lodging vacation experience!

Call us today at (518) 792-3775 to check rates and availability, make a reservation, or request more information!

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Campsites in the pines section of our park, many rvs on each side of the paved road with trees and flower bushes. There are also very tall pine trees.
RV Parts and ServiceWhen you need repairs or updates! Need RV parts or service? Not to worry! Find local businesses who have what you need for your RV, motorhome, trailer or fifth wheel!Continue Reading →
An elderly man to the right weraing a hat and light blue polo is helping a young boy, on the left, wearing a green shirt and baseball hat tie fishing line. They are both holding fishing poles with red and white bobbers on them. To the right you can see part of the pond, and in the background is the gazebo and 2 other men fishing.

Where will you find the best Lake George hotels, motels, or vacation rentals? Treat yourself to the most unique and comfortable lodging in Lake Georgeand experience a vacation like none other.

Some of the best family memories are made on vacations, and when it comes to making memories, fishing is right on the top of the list!  How long has it been since you sat on the shore with a box of fresh worms and a peanut butter sandwich, or trolled the open water in a fish-finding motorboat? Remember how you would hear the fish jump, but the only sign of them you ever saw was the little circle of ripples where they popped out of the water?

Our tastefully appointed, comfortable and private Lake George vacation rentals have onsite amenities that include a stocked fishing pond for the enjoyment of even the youngest budding sportsman! You can share those precious memories and create new ones while enjoying your stay here in beautiful Lake George. From bass fishing and adventurous bike trails to enjoying live concerts on stage…Wilderness Lodging has everything to make your vacation unforgettable!

Don’t forget that a valid license is required for fishing in New York State!  Check here for Fishing License Information from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation before heading out to catch the big one.

Here are just a few tips to make your fishing trip fun, safe, and memorable: 

  • Life preservers are a must when fishing from a boat, but they’re a good idea for children even on shore! Necessary for boating on Lake George, life preservers are extremely important to have at all times.
  • Dress for the occasion! Outdoor shoes are a must for navigating slippery rocks and staying stable in a boat that’s wet. Bring along a hat and some work gloves just in case. If you get caught out in a rain shower, make sure that you have an appropriate rain jacket. Rainy days may creep up on you – so always be prepared!
  • Fishing is lots of fun, but can be dangerous!  Be sure to treat hooks with care: be cautious when casting or baiting.  If a hook becomes caught in the skin, remove it and clean the wound, treat with hydrogen peroxide and bandage. (Check to be sure your safety kit is full!)
  • Be mindful of getting your line tangled…too many times even the most experienced fisherman has fallen into the water trying to retrieve a snagged fishing line!
  • Sunshine is one of the best parts of fishing, so bring along lots ofsunscreen, water for drinking, and snacks. While boating on Lake George, the sun’s rays may become overbearing. Be mindful of the sun and apply sunscreen after every swim.
  • Be courteous to others: Don’t throw a line in the water near swimming areas.
  • Don’t litter! Keep our beautiful waters pristine and clear for the next generation.

Whatever your preference for freshwater fishing, you can do it here! Lake George has some of the best fishing in North America, and there are hundreds of other lakes, ponds, rivers and streams within a short distance of your.  These beautiful freshwater glacial lakes and waterways are home to several species of fish that appeal to all ages and skill levels.  Here are just a few:

  • Salmon
  • Lake Trout
  • Rainbow Trout
  • Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass
  • Northern Pike

Everyone from the youngest to the oldest can get in on the act! There is nothing better than to see the expression on the face of a small child who has just had his or her first run-in with a feisty Perch or Punkinseed! Pan fishing is a huge summer sport for kids, and provides them with exciting vacation memories that will last a lifetime.

There are many types of fishing to enjoy here. For information on fishing in Lake George, including species of fish available, types of fishing and conservation, visit any of these helpful sites:

When you return at the end of the day, your incredible Lake George lodging unit awaits – with swimming, tennis, Bingo, even a movie. We have long been providing families with treasured vacation memories. Our accommodations are spacious, luxurious and private units, geared toward your comfort and enjoyment during your stay.  Be sure to check out our exciting vacation rental amenities and other Fun Stuff you can enjoy during your stay!

Discover for yourself why generations of families return to our luxurious,Vacation Destination Resort year after year! Experience what hotels in Lake George cannot provide – a comfortable, private Wilderness Lodging vacation experience!

Call us today at (518) 792-3775 to check rates and availability, make a reservation, or request more information!

Happy fishing!

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Arvie, the Lake George RV Park trolley, parked in front of the shopping outlets. The building for the outlets are 2 shades of green with the names of the stores located above the trolley. To the right is the parking lot for regular patrons to park.
Lake George Village TrolleyIt’s easy to get there from here! Municipal trolley service from Lake George RV Resort to a number of local destinations! Find locations, destination and scheduled services!Continue Reading →
Inside one of the many local museums. To the left is the rustic revival section showing two chairs made of wood with a table inbetween. In the middle is a poster in regards to 'Log Camps & Cabins'.
Visit a Museum

When you are staying at our spacious Lake George vacation rentals,  you can relax and get to know the area!  No family vacation is complete without a chance to learn some local folklorehistory and community customs, and in Lake George has numerous museums and historical sites that are filled with educational, fun and informative activities.

This area is a mecca for history buffs! Upstate New York and the Adirondacks were key strategic locations during the French & Indian Wars and the Revolutionary War. Lake George is home to Fort William Henry, a famous historical site that is filled with artifacts and in a fantastic location. Originally located at the base of the lake for its tactical defense position, it is now in close proximity to the Million Dollar Beach, attractions, shopping and restaurants.

Children have a natural interest in history, and with the interactivity available, they can have a great time reliving the footsteps of their ancestors. Travel back in time as you walk on past battle grounds! Enjoy learning about the Lake George region’s fascinating history.

Observe a battle re-enactment where history comes to life right before your very eyes. Become immersed in learning about the way of life of the dedicated people that founded our country. Characters can be seen wearing real life apparel including battle attire, weapons and even riding on horseback. Visiting these living museums is truly a great way to fully understand the trials and tribulations of our ancestors. Experience for yourself how our forefathers prospered on the fruits of the land.

Only miles from our vacation rentals, Lake George is the place for an exciting family vacation. Educational and exciting, the museums in this area are a great recreational hot spot for people of all ages. There is so much to see and do in the village of Lake George! Located near your vacation rental, go horseback riding at a local stable, bike along paved paths or enjoy a day of fishing in the bass pond located on premises. Your options for fun are endless!

Looking for more information on Lake George museums? Here are a few great museums that are easy day trips within a short distance from your vacation rental in Lake George:

Take your family on an educational, unforgettable Lake George vacation andstay at our Wilderness Lodging. Minutes away from water parks, bike trails,horseback riding paths and museums – a vacation is awaiting you in Lake George.

Call us today at (518) 792-3775 to check rates and availability, make a reservation, or request more information!

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A couple walking their two dogs down by the ponds on our paved bike trails. To the right is a gazebo with red flower pots and landscaping around it. In the background are trees and the paved bike trails.
Things To DoSee what sets us apart from other RV resorts "Down time" takes on new meaning when you stay at Lake George RV Park!  It's easy to find things to do both on and off-site for the whole family to enjoy...Continue Reading →
A large firework is going off with one small one below it, they are both in am amber hue. There are numerous boats on the dark lake that are lit up. The mountains are in the background and the town is lit by the buildings.
Family Entertainment

With all the available  family entertainment in Lake George NY, you can plan an exceptional vacation this year!  Our luxury resort offers RV site rentals, along with  luxury park model rentals geared to your family fun needs, with premier accommodations and your own spacious suite. Lodging in Lake George has never offered so many options or been so much fun, with a variety of activities for all members of the family right here in our award-winning family vacation resort!

From invigorating hiking and biking trails, to horseback riding and fascinating museums retelling the history of the Adirondacks – there are an abundance of activities within a short drive  from our lodging in Lake George. There is so much to do and see in this beautiful area within just a short day trip from our location – allow us to help you plan your unforgettable Adirondack vacation.

Call us today at (518) 792-3775 to check rates and availability, make a reservation, or to learn more about our vacation rentals!

Are you in need of a family getaway and looking for private, comfortable and affordable Lake George lodging? Interested in finding a resort that has bothfun-filled activities for children of all ages, along with a vast array of five star amenities? Our Lake George vacation rentals not only accommodate a family of six, but also include spacious living rooms, bunk beds for small children, central air conditioning and wireless internet. No need to search for Lake George house rentals – bring the comforts of your home to our private vacation rentals that offer more privacy than most hotels in Lake George, and relax at our extraordinary  family resort.

We guarantee your children will love participating in our numerous fun-filled, family oriented activities. Whether you are looking for rainy day activities, horseback riding opportunities, fishing or fascinating museums, our Lake George vacation rentals offer entertainment for your entire group.

Make your stay at our unique Lake George vacation rentals unforgettable! With over 3 miles of paved bike trails4 playgrounds, movie theaters, horseshoe pits and swimming pools on premises, our premier Lake George lodging facilities are second to none. Reserve a private unit for your unforgettable stay!

Here are some ideas for fun-filled vacation activities and family entertainment in Lake George. Our lodging in Lake George is second to none – experience why our spacious vacation rentals are your home-away-from-home.

  • Family Hiking near the vacation rentals
  • Rainy Day Park Activities
  • Biking in the Adirondacks
  • Horseback Riding
  • Fishing at our Lake George vacation rental
  • Museums to visit
  • Family Entertainment
  • Boating on Lake George
  • Great Day Trips

Experience the excitement of staying at our unique vacation rentals. Make it a family vacation of a lifetime, with many memories and fun times to cherish.We look forward to welcoming you to our Lake George vacation rentals.

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A boat with a blue awning parked at a private dock on Lake George. To the right of the dock are various trees, to the left are the mountains.
Lake George Boating

A summer vacation at our rv resort wouldn’t be complete without a Lake George boating experience.  Enjoy a boat ride along the crystal clear waters of Lake George….climb on board a pontoon boat with family and friends and take a leisurely sail out to the various islands dispersed throughout the beautiful Lake. Do you have the need for speed? Rent a speed boat from one of the Lake George marinas located throughout various points around the Lake. Whichever way you prefer to sail, there is a boat ready for you – just make sure to anchor your boat and take a swim!

Planning a family getaway this summer to Lake George?  Our RV vacation rentals are a perfect option for your family! Not only are you close to exciting family entertainment, bike trails and Lake George museums – but you are also close to the Million Dollar Beach and numerous boat docking areas.

Sunbathe on the Million Dollar Beach amidst the beauty of the Adirondack Mountain landscape, create sand castles with the youngsters or sign up for a beach volleyball tournament with a group of your friends. The sun is warm, the water is sparkling and the atmosphere of Lake George is unbelievable!

Don’t own your own boat? No problem! No matter where you are in Lake George, marinas have what you are looking for. From fishing boats, canoes and kayaks, to Sea Doo jet skis and Bowriders, you can rent a clean, safe and fun family boat to make your Lake George vacation complete!  From Lake George Village in the southern basin to Ticonderoga in the northern basin – locate a marina and find the boat of your dreams today.

While on vacation, don’t worry about finding an area to store your Lake vessel – allow the professionals at your marina of choice to take care of it for you. Lake George marinas provide fuel, boat storage, repairs, dock rentals and launching equipment to make your experience the best!  See the beauty of Lake George and the surrounding Adirondack Mountains by water – rent a boat while staying at the vacation rentals in Lake George.

Tips for Boating on Lake George:

  • Be Courteous: Lake George is a popular destination for swimmers and boaters alike. Due to the large volume of boaters every year, it is essential to be alert and courteous of other boaters, swimmers and those fishing.
  • Keep it Clean: This Lake is your Lake! Make sure to clean your boat before embarking and after you launch. Don’t litter, and keep the water clean for others to experience the beauty.
  • Calling All Speed Demons! Reduce your speed when approaching the Village of Lake George. Always be aware of those around you and check back to see if anyone has crossed the path of your wake.
  • Leave the drinks behind: Drinking while boating is illegal. Obey the law for safe, fun and healthy boating.
  • Watch the Skies: Due to the fact that Lake George is 32 miles long and 3 miles wide, an onset of harsh weather can happen quickly. Be prepared at all times for rainy weather.
  • It’s Deep! While boating, pay attention to sudden drops in Lake depth. At certain points, you may reach sandy bottoms, then cast over depths of almost 200 feet. Learn the Lake George navigation rules prior to venturing out on the Lake. Enjoy your cruise and know where the shallow, sandy parts reside.
  • Have Fun! After all, you are on one of the most beautiful Lakes in the region – Lake George is a family oriented, fun-filled, year round vacation destination. While staying at the vacation rentals in Lake George, Take your children on a beautiful boat ride to remember along the pristine waters.

Here is some information regarding boating on Lake George and activities located near the Wilderness Lodging vacation rentals. Come visit Lake George on your next vacation and see the difference!

  • Lake George Chamber
  • Lake George Park Commission
  • Association of Lake George
  • Family Hiking
  • Horseback Riding
  • Plan Your Visit to Lake George!
  • Family Entertainment

There is always something to do in the Village of Lake George. Vacation rentals boast fun and excitement, especially during peak vacationing months.Book an exciting vacation to Lake George today and discover for yourself why generations of families return to our luxurious, Vacation Destination Resort year after year!

Call us today at (518) 792-3775 to check rates and availability, or request more information!

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Discover Lake George NY

Ready to discover Lake George NY?  If you are enjoying your Adirondack camping experience at Lake George RV Park, you may like to get out and about in scenic Lake George NY. Well, our super-close proximity to Lake George – a quick and free trolley ride during the summer, makes all of the attractions, events, shopping, and dining in this vacation destination easy to experience!

  • Every family member will enjoy swimming at one of the several public beaches with breathtaking views of the Adirondack Mountains.  Attractions in Lake George include family-friendly cruises around Lake George, along with evening jazz and dinner cruises for adults looking for a night out on the town!
  • Enjoy the great outdoors, hiking the Adirondack Mountains and enjoy an experience like no other. With amazing views of Lake George from some of the summits, the High Peaks region of upstate NY is worth discovering! There are easy hikes for children and families, or you can challenge yourself on some of the more difficult trails.
  • Our region is rich in history and the arts. Enjoy many area museums, from the world-class Hyde Museum in nearby Glens Falls, to the popular House of Frankenstein Wax Museum in Lake George…not for the faint of heart! Nearby scenic horseback rides through forests and hills surrounding the lake are available – ask us for recommendations!
  • What vacation at the lake would be complete without some sort of amusement or waterpark? Six Flags Great Escape & Splashwater Kingdom offers a full day of rides and games, while Water Slide World Lake George affords cool and refreshing family fun! Lake George shopping includes several outlet malls offering name brand clothing and products, and nearby Queensbury NY has more of the well-known supercenters.
  • After a perfect Lake George, Adirondack day, enjoy the many diverse area restaurants that are sure to please every palate….discover some of the most decadent and beautiful lakeside dining as you watch the magnificent lights of steamboats pass by.

When you are ready to discover Lake George NY from the comfort of our luxury resort, call us today at (518) 792-3775 or  contact Lake George RV Resort online to check rates and availability, make a reservation, or request more information on our conveniently located Lake George NY campground.