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A teenage boy riding his bike on our paved bike trails. There are white flowers in the foreground and not a cloud in the sky with the sun shining brightly.
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Lake George RV Park Bike Trails

With over 3 miles of paved bike trails leading to exciting attractions in Lake George and Glens Falls, biking in the Adirondacks has never been better! Peddle fast or enjoy a leisurely ride – whichever speed you choose, we guarantee you will enjoy your ride. Our lodging in Lake George offers bike trails that beckon all riders, from the experienced to the novice. Enjoy this great outdoor activity with your family and friends. Along with biking, hiking and fishing are other favorite pastimes for families staying at our lodging rentals. With so much to choose from, your days will be nothing but fun!

Perfect for families with young children, the paved bike trails within our private lodging in Lake George invigorates even the youngest bike rider. Make your stay at our vacation rentals in Lake George extra special by venturing out on our paved bike paths throughout the park.

Children adore exploring the world on their bikes, for it is a time when imagination runs wild! Regardless of whether your child has a supped up bike or an old hand-me-down banana seat bike with training wheels attached, the importance of safety is always first priority. It is very important that your young adventurer follow these safety rules while riding on the paved bike trails at our Wilderness Lodging in Lake George:

  • The Buddy System – Even though the park is securely enclosed, it is a good idea to make sure children have a buddy to accompany them on their bike ride. Not only is biking in a group double the fun than riding alone, but it ensures added safety while on the paved bike trails. Make sure you educate your children about the Park’s boundaries, possibly accompanying your older children first before they go on the trails with their friends. The Buddy System applies to all activities – whether you are swimming in the pool, hiking up French Mountain or enjoying a wonderful horseback ride. Bike riding in the Adirondacks will instill wonderful memories that you will cherish with your children for years to come.
  • Wear a Helmet – This is essential when bike riding in New York State. Whether you are riding on the paths within our Wilderness Lodging in Lake George, or other Adirondack bike trails, it is important to remember this necessity. Equip your children with bike helmets and other riding apparel and enjoy your ride through the Park.
  • Bring the Necessary Equipment – Before you venture out on the bike trails, make sure to check the local weather forecast – you don’t want to get stuck out in the woods when a rain shower or thunderstorm is on its way. Be prepared with extra clothing; rain coats, sweatshirts, and sunglasses. Also, don’t forget to bring along an extra First-Aid kit, map, compass and sun block for those sunny days. Bumps, scrapes and bruises happen frequently with the little ones, therefore it’s better to be prepared for every situation. For those hot summer days, you may find shade under a tall pine tree, but you cannot escape humidity. Bring along a water bottle or thermos to share with your group.
  • Respect the Hikers – Along with bike riding, family hiking in the Adirondacks is another favorite pastime shared by adventurers and tourists alike. While on your bike ride, make sure to pay attention to your surroundings. Not only will staying alert help in avoiding getting lost, it will also make you aware of other patrons that may cross your path. Since the paved trails are used by so many of our guests (hikers, walkers, and joggers), make sure to be respectful to all of our guests.  Teach your children that abiding by the rules with not only keep them safe, but guarantee a fun-filled, action packed bike riding experience.

Information on Biking in the Adirondacks

Popular Adirondack Bike Trails

Although we would love for you to enjoy the paved bike trails within our Lake George vacation rental property, if you decide you’d like to venture out of the park, here are some additional trails that are both popular among biking enthusiasts and ideal for families.

Santanoni Preserve: Camp Santanoni Trails – Newcomb, NY

This scenic, 8-10 foot wide, well-maintained dirt road is ideal for a family biking adventure. Discover clear views of the High Peaks as well as educate your children about the history of the Adirondacks.

Intensity: Easy
Elevation: 340 Ft. Flat and gently rolling hills.
Directions: Exit 29 from the Adirondack Northway (I-87). Travel west on Blue Ridge Road, which joins Rt.28N west to Newcomb (around 25 miles). At 0.3 miles west of Newcomb Town Hall turn north at the Santononi Preserve sign, make immediate left and continue 0.4 miles to the headquarters and parking. From Long Lake travel east on Rt.28N for around 13.5 miles to the Preserve entrance

Moose River Recreation Area Trails – Inlet, NY

Enjoy this beautiful 40 mile stretch of rugged dirt roads and 27 miles of single track and double marked trails. Teach your children the importance of marked trails along paths – whether you plan on hiking or biking in the Adirondacks, it is imperative to follow the marked trails and stay with the group.

Intensity: Easy to moderate
Elevation: Gently rolling hills, steeper grades possible depending on which trail you take
Directions: exit 31 off of I-90 onto Route 12/28N. Go North for about 25 miles and make a right onto Route 28. Travel about 39 miles (past Old Forge) to Inlet.
Eastern gate access to Moose River: Go just past Inlet, you will see the signs to Limekiln Road – access is 2 miles from Route 28.
Western gate access to Moose River: Take Cedar River Flow Road, off of Route 28. You will see a ranger station 12 miles in.

Enjoy a bike ride on the paved trails within our Wilderness Lodging in Lake George with your family and friends. Explore the great outdoors while biking in the Adirondacks!

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