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Unique Ways to Make S’mores Part 1

Making S’mores and camping have been a tradition for as long as anyone can remember. But have you ever thought of ways to switch up the classic s’more? Below are a few fun new options to try out during your next camping trip!

  1. The Old Standby- Everyone loves the traditional Hershey’s chocolate bar melted between graham crackers and a freshly toasted marshmallow.

2. Thin Mint Mix Up- Who can resist those magical mint cookies? What makes them even better? Squish a toasted marshmallow between two of them and watch how fast they disappear! Kraft makes a chocolate mint marshmallow that is the perfect complement to this creation!

3. Chips Ahoy Matey! – Replace your graham crackers with Chips Ahoy cookies and watch the kids come running! These are great with just a marshmallow toasted and smushed between two cookies, or add your favorite chocolate. Reese’s cups are a delicious addition, too!

4. PB&J Squishy – Toast a strawberry marshmallow, using Nutter Butter cookies and a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, create a S’more that the kids will go crazy for!

5. S’mOreo’s – Grab your favorite flavor of Oreos to make this tasty treat! Toast your marshmallow and push it between two of the Oreo cookies. Kit Kats, Rolos, or Heath Bars make a great addition to this treat!

The combinations are endless! Expand your S’more palette and experiment on your own! There is no wrong way to S’more! Just make sure you have milk handy! Nothing beats a S’more and a big glass of milk!

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