Camp along with the seasons…

We are lucky enough to experience 3 different seasons during one of our camping seasons. We open on the first Friday of May every year. This means we catch about half of the spring season as nature begins to bloom into summer. While the majority of our season falls during the summer season, we are fortunate enough to see the beginning stages of fall as well. Mother Nature’s painting amongst the leaves is a beautiful sight to see especially here in the Adirondacks. We offer 3 different programs which will benefit campers who wish to experience part or all of these seasons with us. The first, which runs from our opening date until our closing date is called our seasonal site program. This 165 night program for a flat rate will allow you to not only experience all 3 seasons but allow you to come and go freely. Once you check-in at the beginning of the season, you never have to check-in with us again. Our other programs are our Spring & Fall Weekender program; both of these packages also consist of extension options. Running for a designated time frame in the spring or fall, this program allows you to keep your RV on a site for the entire length of the package, and includes 2 nights per week that you get to stay. So whether you prefer one season to another or just want to camp for nearly a full 6 months we have options for you. For further information please visit our website at or call out office at 518-792-3775.

Lake George RV Park - Fun in Site!

Our current scheduled opening date is Monday, June 1 based on recent information provided us by Warren County and New York State Department of Health.

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