As our return guests are well aware, the Lake George RV Park is known for its extensive trolley shuttle service.  In fact, we continue to be the ONLY resort in the Lake George region that offers so many transportation options to its guests.  Since 1979, LGRVP has offered a complimentary trolley for summer campers to enjoy.  Our newest trolley – CHARLIE II – carried hundreds of happy campers around the resort and to the nearby Million Dollar Half Mile shopping and restaurant district on our nation’s birthday. Our new “ride” offers many more comforts than our buses of the 70’s and 80’s – including air-conditioning and very comfy, padded seats.  Our expanded fleet will assure that you can get from your campsite to all of the park facilities and amenities, and to the best area shopping, restaurants and attractions very day all summer long.  While we continue to offer this as a complimentary service to all of our guests, the Greater Glens Falls Transit system also offers an express trolley from our entrance to the edge of Lake George every hour all day and evening long.  LG express trolley tickets are available at a discount from our front desk. 

 Why the name CHARLIE II? In 1990, we named our trolley after the King families endeared family go, Charlie, a Bassett Hound, that passed away the same year.  He was loved so much, by so many, we decided that the greatest tribute we could pay to our dear dog was to keep his memory alive by naming our trolley after him.  Twenty years have come and gone, and while we have now retired the original CHARLIE trolley, we still can’t let go of the memory of our K-9 friend, so we decided to keep the memory alive and name our new trolley CHARLIE II.  Charlie’s favorite pastime was to ride shotgun with Mr. King in his daily trips around the park (the founder of LGRVP who is now 91 years old and still resides at the park with his family)   It is nice to know that CHARLIE’s spirit still makes trips around the park each day.

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