Charlie’s Bark Park 5 Year Anniversary

One of the most popular amenities at the Lake George RV Park is Charlie’s Bark Park. Dogs and humans alike enjoy it! The small dogs have their own section to roam around in and try out an agility course sized just right for them! If they have larger dog siblings, they may venture over to the large dog section. The large dogs have their own larger agility course and an astroturf area to run and chase the frisbees or balls their owners throw for them. They also have a red fire hydrant spray fountain that dogs love to use to cool off. Some of our four legged guests have even figured out how to push the button on the top of the hydrant to make the spray come out all on their own! This is a great place to give your dog a bath, too! There is a sink that the dogs can walk right up to, and a detachable shower head to help the humans stay dry during the bathing process. There are two vending machines, as well. One has drinks for the human guests, and the other is just for our four legged furry friends. It has treats, brushes, many artisan soaps, bow ties, bows, leashes, Charlie’s Bark Park squeaky balls, and any other dog related novelty you could imagine! If you haven’t explored Charlie’s Bark Park, don’t let another trip go by without seeing it for yourself! You will see why everyone loves this amenity so much! Just a friendly reminder that Charlie’s Bark Park is for registered guests only.

Lake George RV Park - Fun in Site!

WE ARE OPEN! We have met the requirements of New York Forward reopening plan for businesses as of June 1.  Currently, many of our amenities and services are currently unavailable, including our aquatic areas, until New York State announces a plan to reopen them.  We hope to have that information soon and will share as soon as the information is issued.

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