RVing Celebrities!

Here are some quotes by celebrities who love RVing just as much as we do! Click Here! < Other Celebrities Who Own RV

Jeff Daniels  RV of choice is a Gulf Stream Tour Master that he refers to as “The Bus”.  Make the mistake of calling it an RV, and Daniels will stop the bus and make you walk around it.  With a diesel engine and air brakes, the Daniels family RV (errr, bus) is really big!

Actor Matthew McConaughey has an International Ocean Breeze Airstream trailer that he nicknamed “The Canoe.”

Rock musician Lenny Kravitz bought three RVs for his private island!

Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie took a cross-country trip pulling an Airstream trailer behind a pink pickup truck on their TV program, The Simple Life.

Vin Diesel has a custom mansion on wheels. It has a sunroof that, at the touch of a button goes from clear to opaque, or to any transparency in between.

George Foreman, heavyweight boxer, purchased a Custom Coach-modified MSV (Mauck Special Vehicle). The MSV is a futuristic 25-foot mini-coach manufactured by Advanced Bus Industries.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have a vintage Airstream 245 that they’ve nicknamed the “Luv Sub.”

Barack Obama said while campaigning for President: “When this convention’s over we are loading up our kids in an RV.”

Alan Jackson, country music singer, purchased a Custom Coach-modified MSV (Mauck Special Vehicle) as well.

Actor, Colin Farrell has a classic Airstream trailer that he uses when he’s filming movies in the United States.

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