COVID-19 “New York On Pause” FAQs

Last updated 05/05/2020   12:27 pm

When will you open for the season?

Our current scheduled opening has been moved from Friday, May 8th to Monday, June 1st based on recent information provided to us by Warren County and New York State Department of Health.  Governor Cuomo’s most recent public comments regarding his plans for a phased reopening of the New York economy clearly indicates that our Park will be unable to fully serve the needs and expectations of our guests through the end of May.  We still remain hopeful that our loyal guests will be able to return and enjoy camping in June.

Please visit the State website for NY on Pause for more details on the current restrictions and plans to lessen them in the future.

Upstate New York has experienced a minor, measurable impact from COVID-19 infections to date.  However, since the pandemic has impacted New York City so significantly we expect the guidelines that New York will be required to follow in the months ahead will be greater than in most states. “New York on Pause” currently requires so many limitations on our guests’ behavior we have decided to postpone our opening until we are more likely to open with the fullest breadth of our facilities and amenities open and available.

We are all eager to experience the 2020 season together, but our primary concern is the safety and well-being of our guests and staff. Our scheduled opening date is likely to be impacted with each new government announcement.  Please check this website page often for updates.

Our guest services team is available from 9 am- 4 pm daily to answer your questions and address your concerns.  They can be reached by phone at 518-792-3775

What facilities and amenities will be open and when?

All facilities and amenities, including our office front desk and lobby, will be closed until June 1 (date subject to change). Due to the current New York State guidelines for safety against COVID-19 we are only interacting with guests by phone.  Please do not plan a visit to our facility until after the Park is officially open for the season.  While we would prefer you to call during our business hours you may also send us a message after hours to [email protected]

Once the Park is open the specific facilities and amenities available daily will be dependent on the New York State Safety Guidelines in place on a specific date.  It is very possible that specific amenities (swimming pools, spray pad, spa, playhouse shows, movie theaters, trolleys, paddle boats, dog park, ect.) may be limited or closed depending on the required laws.  It is our hope and desire to have all of our facilities and services in full operation in ordinance with our regular season schedule if possible.

Check this page often for specific updates on what amenities and services may be impacted during your planned visit.

What can we do if NY State restrictions are still in place when we visit?

Despite possible restrictions in our services and amenities per NY state restrictions, guests can always enjoy a Park visit by connecting with the great outdoors.  Our biking and hiking trails, fishing pond will always be available for guests to take in the fresh Adirondack air.  Our connecting Warren County bike trail is also expected to be open for guests that wish to take extended rides.  Of course, social distancing and face covering is suggested when you could be in contact with groups of 10 people or more that are not part of your family.  In addition, all campsites include 72 channels of high definition television and free wifi (best accessible outside your RV), picnic table and a campfire ring to enjoy.

Where can we get food and groceries?

We plan to have our French Mountain Trading Post open daily for staples, ice, firewood and other basic supplies.  However, depending on NY state guidelines at the time of your visit there may be restrictions in the number of hours our store is open daily and how many guests can enter the retail area at once.

The Camper Café is scheduled to be open regularly scheduled days and hours, subject to change.  Please note that menu options may also be impacted by limitations placed on us by vendors.  Please follow all guidelines that may be in place for social distancing and face covering when congregating in public areas.

Many area restaurants are currently serving take out or delivery only to meet NY state safety guidelines.   Please visit this special website setup specifically for current “dining at your campsite” options – Great Takeout and Delivery Option in Lake George Region

Directions to local grocery stores can be found in our Vacation Guide that is provided to you when you check in.  Please check ahead with individual stores regarding hours and possible restrictions on access during certain times.

May I have visitors during our stay?

For the health and safety of our guests and team members, visitors will not be permitted anywhere on the resort property until further notice in order to better maintain social distancing on and off campsites.  Once NY guidelines are moderated regarding social distancing we may adjust our visitor policy accordingly.

What is your cancellation policy?

We are all experiencing the life-changing impacts that COVID-19 is having on our communities and world.  We also realize that due to these events that you may need to change your travel plans. First, we encourage you to change your expected date of arrival (based on availability) to another 2020 arrival date. Our family-owned and operated business would appreciate the opportunity to host you later this season and we will be happy to make date adjustments for the 2020 season at no charge. Second, we would like to offer you a gift card in the amount of the refunded deposit (including the waived service charge of $10 for campsite and $15 for rentals) plus a bonus $10 for campsite reservations and $20 for RV rental reservations. Gift cards have no expiration dates and will be honored in full or in part for campsite fees, campground store and café purchases in the future.  We are also offering a very special opportunity to lock in your campsite rate for next season and avoid cancellation fees by moving your existing reservation (excluding packages or seasonals) to a any date of operation in 2021 (May 14 – October 11)  This option is only available to guests that currently have (as of May 5) confirmed reservations for 2020.  If these three options are not possible, and you are outside our normal cancellation policy, you will receive a full refund minus $10 service charge per campsite reservation or $15 service charge for a rental reservation.

We appreciate your support and understanding during these unprecedented and challenging times.  We know we will get through this together and we will meet again to enjoy all that our Park has to offer for years to come.

What if someone at Lake George RV Park is diagnosed with the virus?

If our management is notified of a confirmed diagnosis that someone in the park has tested positive for COVID-19, we will follow the required NY State guidelines and immediately notify the local office of New York State Department of Health.  We will offer full cooperation and follow their guidance. Anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 virus should follow CDC guidelines, contact their health care provider and self-quarantine for at least 14 days.
Anyone that feels sick, whether or not they have a confirmed diagnosis of COVID19, should remain out of circulation in public areas of the Park.

What are you doing to maintain clean and sanitized facilities? All facilities are currently closed until 6/1

  • Our guests are responsible for their own personal safety at all times while in the Park and need to take precautions to protect their own health and safety while on and of their campsite.  Our staff is fully committed as well to do our best to provide for our guests’ health and safety. Please follow the CDC Guidelines for Personal Safety Practices so that every guest in the can do their share to protect themselves and keep others safe

Once NY State COVID19 restrictions allow us to have all of our restroom, laundry and public areas open to guests, our team will be working diligently to ensure the safest and most sanitary environment for our guests.

Please note:

  • All restroom buildings are equipped with touch free soap dispensers with antibacterial soap, hand dryers and towels.
  • Additional hand sanitizer stations have been installed in many public areas throughout the facility and will be refilled regularly based on market availability of products.
  • We use Mark 11 Hospital grade sanitizer for cleaning all surfaces
  • We use Germicidal bleach on all toilet and urinal fixtures.
  • We will have our team circulating through each public building to clean and wipe down frequently touched surfaces.

Will my next stay be different than previous stays at your Park?

We are all experiencing the COVID-19 world together for the first time.  While we truly believe that our guests will have amazing, positive and memorable vacation experiences during every stay now and into the future, we also must accept that our behaviors and actions will need to adjust at times for us to all safely enjoy our individual vacation experiences.  Our Park is designed to serve groups of guests that share and experience things together.  We will require your full cooperation and support as we navigate these new waters together for the first time.   Please realize when things seem different, or not the same as they have been for you during prior visits, that we are doing the best we can in the unfamiliar environment that we live in.  Take deep breaths of fresh mountain air AND maintain your social distancing and WE WILL get through this time together.

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Our current scheduled opening has been moved from Friday, May 8 to Monday, June 1 based on recent information provided us by Warren County and New York State Department of Health.  Governor Cuomo’s most recent public comments regarding his plans for a phased reopening of the New York economy clearly indicates that our Park will be unable to fully serve the needs and expectations of our guests through the end of May.  We still remain hopeful that our loyal guests will be able to return and enjoy camping in June.

For updates and additional information about our Covid-19 response please go to our dedicated page at

All information on our Covid-19 page supersedes the information on all other pages of our website. Check back often for updates.

Stay safe and healthy until we can be together again.