Charlie’s Bark Park

Our 2 acre off-leash recreation area and pavilion is a “must see” attraction. Featuring designated large & small dog areas, restroom, comfort seating, indoor dog wash station, pet treat vending area, dog spray fountain, agility events, shaded walking trails and a huge synthetic turf play area. This is the place to come dawn until dusk to exercise your dog every day!

Dog park area

Charlie's Bark Park - Sit. Stay Good Dog

Our 2 acre off-leash recreation area and pavilion

We promise that once your pampered pooch visits Charlie’s Bark Park once, he will have you coming back again and again. Charlie’s Bark Park, as well as all of our amenities and services, is for registered guests only.

Rules & Regulations

  • Hours Dawn to Dusk only. Weather and conditions permitting.
  • Pet owners are responsible for the actions of their pets and assume all liability related thereto.
  • Use of this Dog Park is at your own risk.
  • All dogs must be off-leash & under adult supervision at all times in the dog run areas.
  • Handlers must carry a leash for each dog in the park at all times.
  • Dogs must be leashed while entering and exiting the park.
  • Retractable leashes are prohibited.
  • Not all dogs are friendly towards strangers, human or canine. Ask permission before you or your dog say ‘hello’.
  • Dog owners are responsible for picking up and disposing of dog waste in designated containers.
  • Access to the Dog Park is for registered guests only.
  • Aggressive dogs will be banned from the dog park.
  • Pet owners are required to provide written proof upon request showing their pet is up to date on rabies & distemper.
  • Dog owners must ensure that their dog’s rabies vaccination tag is attached to their dog’s collar while in the dog park.
  • Female dogs that are in season are prohibited.
  • Dogs under 4 months of age prohibited.
  • Limit 3 dogs per person/per visit.
  • Leaving dogs unattended is prohibited.
  • Children must be supervised at all times.
  • Expect toys to be shared.
  • Equipment intended for dogs only, should not be used by people.
  • Keep gates closed at all times.
  • No smoking in the dog park.
  • No bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, or any motorized vehicles or equipment inside dog park.
  • No glass containers allowed in the dog park.
  • Management may close the dog park for site maintenance or other events without advanced notice.
  • Owners are liable for the actions of their pets.
  • In the event of injury or damage caused by a dog’s aggressive behavior. Management may release customer information to any requesting party.