Photo Gallery of Cascade Cove

  • Splash pad with blue twisting slide, spray features, large yellow dump bucket, multiple children climbing steps up to slide, surrounded by black fence
  • A birds eye view of Cascade Cove's hot tub area. 3 tubs are shown surrounded by a landscape area.
  • In the foreground the splash pad area is shown with children playing on the equipment. Behind the Splash Pad the zero entry pool is shown with people swimming in it and lounging in the chairs around it. In the far left of the photo the hot tub area is shown.
  • In the foreground the hot tub area is shown at night with guests lounging in it.   In the background the dump bucket and slide of the splash pad area is shown.
  • The zero entry pool is shown at night in the foreground. The east building and bathrooms are shown in the background.
  • In the foreground the chairs are shown in two rows.  The back row is under a large shade and the front row is out in the sun. In front of the chairs the pool is shown.  In the background of the photo the splashpad area including the slide and dump bucket are shown. In the far right corner the Cascade Cove Bathroom facilities are shown.
  • In this photo there is adirondack chairs surrounding a stone fire pit. Wood is stacked in the fire pit for the fire. Surrounding this area there are stones and flowers.
  • In the recreation room there are two ping pong tables in the background of the photo with a ping pong ball dispenser located in between them to the far left. In the foreground of the photo there is a loveseat, a small circular table, and a chair for guests to lounge in.
  • A woman is sitting in the entry area of the pool facing a young little boy who is standing in the entry of the pool. In the background some of the sprayers on the splash pad are shown.
  • In the foreground of this photo both ping pong tables are shown. They are both being occupied by young boys playing ping pong.  In the background of the photo a young woman is shown sitting in one of the chairs watching the boys play.
  • In the foreground of the photo a woman is shown running into the zero entry pool.  In the background of the photo a man accompanied by a young boy and a young girl are shown running into the pool. To the far left of the photo guests are shown lounging in the shaded area on the pool deck.
  • Guests are seated around and in front of a stone fireplace that is built into the wall. In the background of the photo a portion of the splash pad is shown.
  • In the foreground of the photo there is six people sitting around the stone bonfire pit. There is a fire burning in the pit. In the background the zero entry pool is lit for night swimming and has many guests swimming in it. In the center of the back of this photo the slide and dump bucket of the splash pad area can be seen along with the east building.
  • In the foreground of this photo there are circular tables and chairs just outside of the pool area. Each table has an umbrella over it. Behind that is the pool deck with the two rows of lounge chairs.  The back row is covered by a large shade. Just past the chairs is the zero entry pool. The splash pad is shown to the right of the pool the pslash pad area is shown with the various sprayers shooting water. The rest of the pool deck is filled with lounge chairs. In the far left front corner of the photo the hot tub area is shown.
  • In the foreground of the photo there is a man entering the pool using the ramp. A young woman is following behind him pushing a wheel chair down the ramp into the pool. There are other guests shown swimming in the pool. To the right in the back corner of the photo other guests are shown sitting by the pool.
  • In the foreground of the photo two young girls are seen sliding down to the bottom of the slide laughing and smiling.  Behind them is a young boy being splashed by the girls in front of him.
  • In the foreground of this photo the bottom of the slide is shown. Behind the slide there is a young woman being sprayed by the various sprayers.  The dump bucket is shown upright at the top of the photo in the center. To the right side of the photo the enclosed slide is shown.
  • aerial view of Cascade Cove Aquatic Park and bonfire area on pool deck, American and Canada flags blowing in wind in forground
  • aerial view of cascade cove aquatic park

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