Charlie’s Bark Park

Can you believe it’s been 2 years since Charlie’s Bark Park has opened? Time just flies by when the pooches are having fun! It is still one of our most popular amenities; even those without dogs can’t help but stop by the park to see all the dogs having fun. Not too familiar with Charlie’s Bark Park? Charlie’s Bark Park is a dog park on premises that is just for our registered guests and their beloved pooches. The area is over 2 acres and provides dogs with an off leash recreational area where they can meet and greet as well as freely roam in a contained area. The park is split into a large dog section and a small dog section. The park also contains a large open air pavilion fully equipped with seating and dog washing station. There are also multiple agility events throughout the park and a fire hydrant spray area. For more information on Charlie’s Bark Park click here.