2024 Reservations

Did you know that we begin taking 2024 reservations on  Monday, October 2nd? You can book over the phone or online for your 2024 vacations! The earlier you book the better when it comes to site requests and availability! Especially if you’re looking to book one of our Flex Packages! For more information on our Spring and Fall Flex Packages click here. Reservations for our Lodging Rentals also open up on October 2nd! For more information on our Cabins and Stationary Park Models, click here.

Not to mention that Lake George RV Park gift cards can be put toward 2024 reservations! Whether you have an old one laying around that you forgot about or are looking to gift a loved one a fun-packed vacation we’ve got you covered! The best part? They never expire!

While we are sad to see our 2023 season close out, we are already excited thinking about next season!