History Comes To Life At The Lake George RV Park

Come Meet Military Soldier’s From 1759 when American History Comes to Life!

This summer find out what it was like in 1759 to be a soldier and what life was like back then. When you hear the muskets fire at the Lake George RV Park on Monday, August 15th you will know that the soldiers have arrived at the Picnic Pavillion and the program on Fort Ticonderoga – bringing American history to life, is about to begin at 10:00 am, right here at the Lake George RV Park.

Coming to Lake George RV Park are soldiers from the year 1759, who are authentic in every way. This is a great way to hear what happened at Fort Ticonderoga. Listen to great stories. See and hear real muskets fired. Learn about the day and life of young soldiers.

Fort Ticonderoga this season is focusing on the key French & Indian war year 1759 when the French Fort Carillon was captured by General Amherst and became Fort Ticonderoga. Visitors can explore the Fort, and see the Massachusetts provincial soldiers who garrisoned the Fort after its capture. Learn about 18th century clothing construction, cooking 18th century rations, muskets, and military maneuver. Explore both the military history of Fort Ticonderoga and the Lake Champlain valley as well as the Native perspective with our 1759 Indian Agent. Learn about the struggles and sacrifice of these various armies and cultures, along with the breathtaking views of Fort Ticonderoga.

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