How Did They Do It?

Now that the holiday season is over and a new year has begun do you ever stop to really think about how all your Amazon orders get processed? Think about it, even if you only order 1 or 2 packages think about all the other people who only order 1 or 2 packages as well. It adds up. Well Amazon got creative and created what they called the ‘CamperForce’.  Amazon looks for RV Campgrounds near distribution centers where people take up temporary residence. Then they reach out to the campers and ask if they are interested in part time employment and from there holiday employment begins. During this approximate three month period, with various hours of work per week, these RVer’s can be involved with packing, sorting or collecting items in the Amazon Distribution Center. So next time you go to use your new item that came from Amazon remember there is a very good possibility that the ‘CamperForce’ aided its delivery!

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