How Did They Do It?

Now that the holiday season is over and a new year has begun do you ever stop to really think about how all your Amazon orders get processed? Think about it, even if you only order 1 or 2 packages think about all the other people who only order 1 or 2 packages as well. It adds up. Well Amazon got creative and created what they called the ‘CamperForce’.  Amazon looks for RV Campgrounds near distribution centers where people take up temporary residence. Then they reach out to the campers and ask if they are interested in part time employment and from there holiday employment begins. During this approximate three month period, with various hours of work per week, these RVer’s can be involved with packing, sorting or collecting items in the Amazon Distribution Center. So next time you go to use your new item that came from Amazon remember there is a very good possibility that the ‘CamperForce’ aided its delivery!

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Lake George RV Park - Fun in Site!

PARK IS NOW CLOSED FOR THE CAMPING SEASON AND WILL REOPEN FRIDAY, MAY 14th, 2021.  Our office remains open Monday - Friday from 9 am - 4 pm (except during holiday weeks) for the entire winter season and staff is available to assist guests with vacation planning.  Online reservations may also be made 24/7 all year long.  We will continue to track developments with Covid-19 and its potential impacts on our 2021 season.  Currently, we have planned operations to be normal in 2021 and will adjust accordingly based on government guidance in the spring of 2021.  Check our website often for updates as we will post them as new information becomes available.

We have kept our Covid-19 FAQs  page live for the fall and winter seasons as a reference for guests planning a 2021 visit.  This page represents the guidance we were following during the 2020 season.  Please note that this is currently only an example of the required guidance that COULD BE in place for portions of the 2021 season as well.

We remind guests planning to visit us next season that they may be required to PLEDGE their support and adherence to the safety protocols required by New York State and the CDC.  Anyone who chooses not to follow these guidelines, should they be in pace for 2021, is asked to postpone their visit until a time when these guidelines are lifted.

Stay safe and healthy until we can be together again.

Stay positive, test negative.